Babà mignon


400 grams Babà mignon

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The story of the most traditional Neapolitan desserts, incredibly, does not originate in Naples, and does not have a Neapolitan starring. Although the real outlines of the events that led to the creation of this masterpiece are enveloped by the mists of time, experts agree in attributing to Stanislao Leszczyński, king of Poland until 1736, a refined lover of cuisine and in particular sweets, the merit of preparation of the first Babà. it would therefore seem that we owe to him the invention of the “bagna”, a central element in the preparation of our beloved dessert.
The origin of the name (Babka in Polish) is also mysterious. The most probable thesis states that Stanislao would have dipped in rum, liquor of which he was a fanatic consumer, a Kugepolos, a Polish dessert very similar to today’s panettone. When he tasted the result he was so ecstatic that he exclaimed “Ali babà!”, A very special expression that would be justified by our passion for the stories of “A Thousand and One Nights”. Another version, perhaps more plausible, refers to the shape of the skirts that the mature court noblewomen used at the time (for precisely the babka in Polish). What is certain is that this name became babà in French and Neapolitan