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Three Queens for Naples

Article by Michele Sergio Gambrinus How many stories tells the city of Naples! Unfortunately, most of these do not remain alive to memory, but are erased by time. There are those who, even today, devote themselves with patience, love and dedication to the consultation...

Zeppole of St. Joseph: origins and curiosities

Prelibatezza for the eyes and for the palate, the zeppole of St. Joseph delights Neapolitan and Italian on the day when the celebrations of the saint and the Father's Day occur. But what are the origins of this unique and special dessert? History What is certainly...


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Café, chocolate, pastries and cocktails, perfect to give you a moment of pleasure at any time of the day.



Gran Caffè Gambrinus is heir of Neapolitan coffee tradition. Since at least 1800 ad, coffee has been more than just a drink in naples.



Gran Caffè Gambrinus began as a café, but soon felt the need to set up their own laboratories of pastry.



The Gran Caffè Gambrinus laboratories are specialized in the production of refined creations of ice cream.


The most famous literary café in Naples. A meeting place for intellectuals, politicians and businessmen who have left in its halls fragments of their grandeur.

Sergio's Family

Run by brothers Arturo and Antonio Sergio, Gambrinus is a Naples ‘must see’ for tourists as well as for famous people, politicians and writers, who choose a café for their meetings.

The Historical Local

Gambrinus: the most popular coffee in Naples. It’s one of the most famous establishments of the peninsula, a member of the cultural historical places of Italy, a literary salon of Naples, a famous art gallery, a leader for the city’s culture.

Intellectuals and artists

One of the most successful examples in Italy of European-inspired literary cafe, temple of Neapolitan intellectual elite.


An international café in the center of Naples. Where history and art meet the good life.


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Has we you used to drink coffee in Naples in the last century

Article written by Michele Sergio and published in Il Roma on 10 March 2019 The twentieth century was for the Neapolitan coffee a century undoubtedly interesting, full of stories and news. It was unknowingly the most important social catalyst for Neapolitan families...

Fabrizio De André and the Neapolitan coffee

Article written by Michele Sergio and published in L 'Espresso Neapolitan in March 2019 Twenty years after the death of the great Genoese composer L 'Espresso Neapolitan he remembers telling one of his songs linked to Naples and his coffee The poet. This is the name...

Poetry and literature at the Gambrinus

The history of the Gran Caffè Gambrinus is a truly fascinating story full of anecdotes, which over time have transformed this into the city's most literary and historical address. The Gran Caffè Gambrinus, in fact boasts of having hosted within its walls in liberty...

Fried carnival zeppoline

The Neapolitan Carnival offers several ideas in terms of sweets. in fact, the culinary proposals are not lacking, they are really valid and let's say the truth can not always be considered "light proposals". In addition to the classic proposals that include chatter to...

The Matilda: a sfogliatella with a greedy heart

Sfogliatella, babà or strawberries tartlet? Why puzzling with this doubt in front of a window when it is simply possible to order a Matilda? The Matilda is in fact one of the last creations of the Gran Caffè Gambrinus confectionery, which contains in a simple sweet,...