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1kg Pastiera 25€ instead of 30€

Easter is approaching, hurry up to buy one of our traditional meals and we will reward you with a 5 euro discount

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1kg Pastiera at 25€ instead of 30€

Buy one of our delicious pastieras and we will thank you with a 5€ discount

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News, information, curiosity about the world of the Gran Caffé Gambrinus

(Italiano) Pastiera da record al Gambrinus


Easter Dove: between origins and legends

In every Italian region from Val D'Aosta to Sardinia during Easter the most disparate desserts are created that represent this period in full, in every area of ​​the boot the culinary proposals are different yet there is a dessert that is on the table of all the...

Pastiera: origins of a gluttony

"A Napule regnava Ferdinando ca passava e’ jurnate zompettiando; Mentr’ invece a’ mugliera, ‘Onna Teresa, steva sempe arraggiata. A’ faccia appesa, o’ musso luongo, nun redeva maje, comm’avess passate tanta guaje. Nù bellu juorno Amelia, a’ cammeriera, le dicette:...


Cafeteria, chocolate shop, confectionery and cocktail, ideal to give you a moment of pleasure at any time of the day.


The Gran Caffè Gambrinus is heir to the ancient Neapolitan coffee tradition. It is at least from 800 that in Naples coffee is more than just a drink.


The Gran Caffe Gambrinus was born as a café, but soon felt the need to set up its own pastry shops.


The Gran Caffè Gambrinus pastry laboratories specialize in the production of refined ice cream creations.


The most famous literary cafe in Naples. The gathering of intellectuals, politicians and businessmen who left fragments of their greatness in its halls.

Sergio's Family

At the beginning of the 70’s Michele Sergio started the battle to recover the premises of the Caffè located in the heart of Naples.

The local

The Gran Caffè Gambrinus has always been the Café frequented by the Italian Presidents visiting Naples.

Intellectuals and Artists

One of the most successful examples in Italy of European-inspired literary coffee, temple of the Neapolitan and international intellectual elite.


An international coffee in the center of Naples. Where history and art meet the good life.


All the news, curiosities and information on the world of the Gran Caffé Gambrinus

The difference between Tortano and Casatiello

Is it a tortano or a casatiello? If you have never made the mistake of confusing them, raise your hand. We are confident in many, which is why we decided to facilitate this long-standing issue, telling you about some important differences that distinguish these two...

Neapolitan coffee and cinema: “the band of honest people”

Article written by Michele Sergio and published in Il Roma In 1956 Camillo Mastrocinque signed the direction of one of the most exhilarating films with Totò and Peppino as protagonists, assisted by a great Giacomo Furia. It is around the coffee that the three...

The crafted Easter eggs of Gambrinus

When we say Easter we immediately think of chocolate eggs. This is in fact the period in which chocolate is the undisputed protagonist and the egg becomes a symbol, indispensable for celebrating this anniversary. However, chocolate eggs are not all the same. Those who...

Coffee Rocher

Article written by Michele Sergio and published in Rome on 07 April 2019 Among the many Neapolitan gourmet coffees that can usually be tasted in the bars and cafes of our city, one of the most appreciated is Rocher coffee. Who favors it for the winking crunchiness of...

The single-portion tortano of Gambrinus

The delicacies of Gambrinus never cease to amaze, and Easter is the perfect time to enjoy some great news. One of these concerns above all the rustic Campanian most representative of these Easter celebrations, the one that in short must not be missing on the tables of...

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