18 Feb 2019

Beer, Naples and Gambrinus

In Naples, an aperitif is a must. After the traditional coffee break, another of the most respected appointments by the Neapolitans, before any self-respecting lunch or dinner is definitely the aperitif.

The aperitif is a moment of total relaxation, perfect to share especially with friends to chat and as they say in Naples “spuzzuliare” something, before sitting down at the table. Usually the most traditional drinks that are served are the spritz, the campari and here in the south a lot of quoted is above all the beer.

Naples, taralli and beer

It is certainly not surprising, especially if you order the beer in Naples. If we think of the past, the first ancestors, modern aperitifs, were made in dribs and drabs, you could sit on the walls of the waterfront
and they enjoyed beer and taralli. in short, a few conventions and a lot of substance, for aperitifs made in Naples really very tasty.

Over time things have changed, yet beer continues to maintain a fundamental relationship above all with Neapolitan food.

It ‘s perfect as we said, for the aperitif with taralli and peanuts, even better if enjoyed at dinner as an accompaniment for pizza. What if Napoli plays? Impossible not to watch the game without the presence of a good mug of beer.

Gambrinus beer

Even at the Gran Caffè Gambrinus you can enjoy excellent national beer, such as the Blue Ribbon.

Exported to all continents, and present in over 75 countries worldwide, Nastro Azzurro beer is one of the Italian excellences. It was produced for the first time in the ’60s, by the Peroni brewery, and owes its name to the transatlantic named Rex who managed to conquer the Nastro Azzurro award.

One of its best ingredients, which makes it unique in the world is the presence of local corn, a variety produced exclusively in Italian agricultural areas, not genetically modified.

In short, a real treat for the palate, to be enjoyed in moments of complete relaxation. And what’s the best time for you to enjoy excellent beer?