Café - Gran Caffè Gambrinus


The ancient tradition of the neapolitan espresso coffee

The Gran Caffè Gambrinus is heir of Neapolitan coffee tradition. Since at least 1800 ad, coffee has been more than just a drink in naples, a ritual habit which is deeply rooted in the every social class, a phenomenon that makes a simple moment of refreshment an opportunity of culture and sociability. For one hundred and fifty years this precious coffee spread the ancient and eternal aroma of neapolitan espresso coffee in the Gran Caffè Gambrinus’ elegant halls of art nouveau.

At the Gran Caffè Gambrinus espresso coffee is brewed according to the old neapolitan recipe: dark, dense, hot. A moment of intense pleasure to enjoy sitting in complete relaxation at one of the tables that overlook Piazza Plebiscito. A wonderful opportunity to share the mundane ritual city’s elite in a historical setting and refined artistic prestige.

Faithful interpreter of the tradition, the Gran Caffè Gambrinus does not neglect the changes of taste: in recent years the café has been enriched with tasty variations to the traditional espresso coffee: cream, chocolate, hazelnut and many other ingredients are combined with care and creativity to give guests the cafeteria of unforgettable taste experience.

Our Recipes

Hazelnut Coffee

Pistachio Coffee

Brazilian Coffee

Totò’s Coffee

Kinder Coffee

Barbajata Coffee