20 Oct 2017

Can one go blindfolded among the statues of piazza Plebiscito?

The equestrian statues of Piazza Plebiscito were designed and built (by Canova), together with the square itself, in the nineteenth century, at least in the structure more similar to what we know today.
There is a legend, however, that concerns them and that is still handed down to the present day.

We are in the years when Queen Margherita is on the throne.

It seems that the noblewoman granted, once a month, to one of her prisoners, to “play their life” with a very special challenge, that we Neapolitans know well today: the test was to walk the square blindfolded, starting from the door of Royal Palace and succeeding in passing right between the two statues. A business, it seems, impossible, so much so that, it was said, it was unthinkable for any prisoner to overcome it because of a curse desired by the sovereign itself. A curse that, obviously, still lasts until today, because it seems really difficult to walk in this way, blindfolded or closed eyes, our Piazza Plebiscito.

The “curse” in our day

Today there are many Neapolitans and tourists who try their hand at this game which, it seems, was “famous” even in antiquity.

In fact, the historic square, seat of the tributes on horseback for Charles of Bourbon and Ferdinand I, in the eighteenth century was the scene of popular festivals, including the “Feast of Cuccagna”, for which it has always been accustomed to being the theater of games …

But all those who try to walk these 200 meters, blindfolded, trying to defeat the curse of Queen Margherita, are always found near the premises of our Gambrinus or on the other side.

In short, it would seem that even having dedicated a pizza to the Queen, so good as to become famous all over the world, has sweetened her character.

And you, have you ever tried to walk blindfolded Piazza Plebiscito?

On the cover a wonderful and melancholic color photo, taken between 1890 and 1900.