25 Mar 2018

Easter Dove: between origins and legends

In every Italian region from Val D’Aosta to Sardinia during Easter the most disparate desserts are created that represent this period in full, in every area of ”‹”‹the boot the culinary proposals are different yet there is a dessert that is on the table of all the Italians and that unite them, we are talking about the Easter dove the symbol par excellence of these parties.

Despite being a very well known and appreciated dessert, few know its history and its origins, for this reason we have chosen to tell you some curiosities about the birth of the dove that we are sure you will appreciate so much.

The meaning, the origins, the legends

The choice to represent a dessert with the features of a bird, is strictly linked to a religious meaning. The dove is in fact the animal that according to the Christian religion fully represents peace, salvation but above all the resurrection.

Behind the birth of this sweet still linger myths and legends that come from far away like the one that dates back to the XVI century in the area of ”‹”‹Pavia, after the siege of the city, linked to the Lombard king Alboino to whom it is said was offered a sweet bread from the forms of a peaceful bird, just a dove.

Other sources instead trace the birth of this sweet to San Colombano, from which the sweet would take its name. The saint, in 600 was invited with his monks to the court of the Longobard queen Teodolinda, according to the narratives, the monks refused a feast rich in meat, to make penance. The Abbot Colombano, in order to prevent the queen from being offended by their refusal, transformed the dishes offered in white and white breads, which had the typical shapes of the dove.

In short, the legends and imitations on this sweet are not lacking.

If instead we want to refer to the established history of this dessert we must move to the beginning of 1930 thanks to an idea of ”‹”‹the then director of advertising for the Motta factory, Dino Villani who proposed an initiative that proved successful.

The company, in fact already known for its tasty panettone, decided to find a strategy to re-use machinery and Christmas ingredients even in the following months. Thus was born what will become the symbol of Easter excellence: the Dove.

The dove of the Gambrinus

We also at Gran Caffè Gambrinus do not miss our culinary offer in terms of Easter doves. Our pastry chefs, in fact, produce a product of the highest quality for its lightness and its aromas, an unmissable dessert to bring to the table in the day Easter. In addition to the traditional dove, in fact we can taste the one with pistachio, chocolate and white chocolate, because the mix between tradition and innovation is a winning combination for us, especially in the kitchen.

Happy Easter to all!