26 May 2017

Einstein coffee

Article written by Michele Sergio

Also this year, in Piazza del Plebiscito, from 25 to 28 May, an event strongly awaited by science lovers, Futuro Remoto, conceived and managed by “Città  della scienza” that for the occasion has set up in piazza del Plebiscito, nine stands in hemispherical dome shape, each dedicated to a scientific branch.

Hundreds and hundreds of students from Campania, many families, science lovers, simple curious, all patiently line up to access the exhibitions of the event.

Also this year Caffè Gambrinus wanted to participate actively in the event honoring to be a guest of scientific cafés, real literary cafes of scientific subject.

The occasion was the creation of a “thematic” coffee: Einstein coffee was born (obviously dedicated to the genius Albert Einstein), a delight of Neapolitan espresso, cream of milk and hazelnut mousse!

Dedicate opportune to the great physicist, philosopher and thinker: chocolate writing of the most famous of the formulas E = mc².