09 May 2020

For Easter a coffee-flavored chocolate egg

Article written by Michele Sergio and published in Rome on April 12, 2020

Easter returns, a religious anniversary dear to Christians and Jews. The term Easter derives from the Hebrew “pesach” literally “to go further” to mean and remember the liberation of the Jewish people from Egyptian slavery by fleeing the Red Sea. For Christians it is the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the transition – again – to new life after earthly death.

The egg is its perfect symbol, a true icon of the important holiday. This year many could prepare it at home, pleasantly spending time and getting the satisfaction of tasting their own egg, the one made with their own hands.

In this period of “forced rest” many Italians have discovered cooks, pastry chefs, pizza makers, bartenders and, why not, even maître chocolatier. Let’s see how you can make a coffee chocolate Easter egg.

First of all, you need an egg mold that you can easily find in specialized shops for pastry articles and, of course, online. The quantities of the ingredients are modulated according to the size of the mold we choose. With an egg mold from gr. 500 so you can proceed. Pour gr. 450 of white chocolate in a pot and melt it in a water bath bringing it to a temperature of about 45 degrees; then bring the chocolate to 28-30 degrees and add 50 grams of coffee paste for chocolate; once the two ingredients are well blended, we will have obtained our coffee chocolate; the mixture is poured into the two molds that form the two halves of the egg and is left to cool; when solidified, the chocolate is molded and the two halves of the egg are joined with the help of a hot knife which is passed over the edges of the same.

The egg can also be decorated with writings of white chocolate and sugar flowers and packaged with paper or cloth and a nice ribbon as a touch of class.

Never forget to insert a cadeau inside the egg before sealing it: what Easter egg would it be without a nice surprise (for young and old)?