24 Oct 2017

Halloween coffee

Article by Michele Sergio

Traditionally the Anglo-Saxon Halloween party has now imposed itself in our country and in particular in Naples where it was adopted with great enthusiasm. For years now, even on the streets of our. city, children “dressed” by monsters go around houses and shops – decorated for the occasion with pumpkins and bats – collecting sweets or chocolates after having pronounced the ritual phrase “trick or treat”. Without telling adults, more and more numerous to participate in various Halloween parties organized between downtown and province on October 31, the so-called. night of witches “, between costumes and” monstrous “masks.

It should come as no surprise that the Neapolitans soon appreciated Halloween considered the age-old attraction and the fervent interest in the esoteric and the supernatural, among popular beliefs (evil eye, monaciello, bella ‘mbriana), cult of the dead (capuzzelle in via dei Tribunali , skulls of the Fontanelle cemetery, catacombs scattered in the subsoil of the entire city) and esoteric sciences (anatomical machines of the Prince of Sansevero in the homonymous Chapel).

As for every holiday could not miss the sweet ad hoc of our. tradition: between All Saints (Halloween for the note) and the Commemorations of the Dead on November 1-2, the nougat dominates. The Caffè Gambrinus this year, next to the classic versions (almond, hazelnut, chocolate), offers some tasty variations (pistachio, Oreo and the nougat of Count Dracula made with red chocolate and almonds).

The master coffee makers of Gambrinus also wanted to “sign” the Hallowen 2017 creating the Halloween Coffee that has the colors of the party, black and orange. Recipe: on the inside edge of the glass, spread the black and orange chocolate, then pour coffee and whipped cream, sprinkle with cocoa and add a chocolate in the shape of a bat. A delicious really scary coffee!

Happy Halloween 2017