16 Mar 2020

How to make coffee at home in these days of “forced leisure”

Article written by Michele Sergio and published in Rome on March 15th 2020

Italy is a country of art, culture and good food. Speaking of the Bel Paese, thoughts often go to people who crowd the streets for daily shopping, to the many people who spend long breaks at a restaurant table or in front of a bar to enjoy our espresso known and loved all over the world .

This until a few days ago; before the arrival of the coronavirus in our country. Having left China now spread across the globe, the WHO has declared the pandemic the new invisible enemy has completely upset habits, customs and customs. To avoid contagion, in fact, the authorities advise against physical contacts, frequent visits and, more generally, to leave the house.

The lives of over 60 million Italians have changed so suddenly having wisely decided to stay home while waiting for the parable of the infection to begin the downward phase.

Closed the bars, especially for us Neapolitans but more generally for all Italians one of the most tiring sacrifices is undoubtedly that of the cup of coffee with family, friends and colleagues; but Italian coffee does not give up!

This is the case even with more time available, the Italians have taken to making themselves at home preparing coffee. Who with the classic mocha, who with the capsule and pod system are all rediscovering the pleasure and goodness of the homemade cup. In these days of forced “idleness” there are also those who have “dusted off” the ancient Neapolitan cuccumella. Others are approaching French-brewed coffee or French press (the French piston coffee maker) or American coffee using chemex or v-60 (they are systems with a funnel-shaped paper filter where the coffee powder and then after pour the hot water and the coffee thus made will be collected in a collector positioned below).

Obviously we all hope to return as soon as possible to drink our espresso at the bar which will seem even better after having been forced to deprive ourselves of it, savoring the new taste of the memory of a narrow escape. We will, however, also have the pleasure, from time to time, of preparing a good coffee at home that exceptional events have taught us to love.