29 Sep 2019

International coffee day

Article written by Michele Sergio and published in Rome on 29 September 2019

It is now several years since October 1 marks the international coffee day, organized by the ICO (International Coffee Organization) and, for the occasion, in 77 countries there will be parties, events and tastings dedicated to the most consumed beverage in the world.

In Naples, the Italian capital, and not only of coffee, due to its history, tradition and social importance together with consumption (the highest in the peninsula), Gambrinus, the oldest café in the city, organized an “open day” for all lovers of tazzulella ‘and cafè to discover the secrets and tricks of coffee in a workmanlike manner, not only according to the traditional recipe but also from other countries.

For the first time, finally, in the city of Vesuvius, there is an event where enthusiasts, onlookers and tourists will be able to see skilled bartenders and experts in the sector using the various techniques of extracting black infusion. The tasting of the various types of coffee will, of course, be free and the most enterprising will be able to prepare, under the careful guidance of the operators, coffee using various technologies: from the Turkish kahve to the cuccumella (the Neapolitan cd), from the moka to the french press, from chemex to espresso up to the capsule and pod system.

Two highlights of this event: a roaster, used by an expert roaster to show attendees how to “cook” raw coffee beans and an ancient “La Pavoni” the first espresso machine of the early 1900s.

Finally a moment of in-depth analysis with Mauro Illiano (sensory analyst Ais delegation from Naples), Nando Cirella (president of the Neapolitan Express Association), Paola Campana (of the roasting company “Campana Caff蔝), Gennaro Ponziani (director Gran Caffè Gambrinus) and the historic bartender Giovanni Fummo, holder of the record for the highest number of coffees made (over 13 million).

It is the first time that a day dedicated to coffee is organized in our city and hopefully it can be the first edition of the “Naples Coffee Festival”