21 May 2020

Italy that starts again

by Simona Vitagliano

Italy has awakened.


With 18 May 2020, we said goodbye to the more restrictive phase of the quarantine that kept us safe and sheltered, within the home, to avoid an uncontrolled spread of Covid-19 and the congestion of hospitals. With the descent of the epidemiological curve, a new phase of opening and opening has thus begun.

With due differences between region and region.

Doors wide open … to optimism

Although the watchword is still “caution”, it is undeniable that this new phase is a cry of freedom for all those who have lived two months isolated from the world – of which they have been able to peek at almost every corner, however, via the smartphone – , closed in the house and perhaps without even the possibility of a walk on the terrace or in the garden. Many, in fact, have had only a window or a balcony as their only contact with the outside, not to mention those who live in the famous and characteristic Neapolitan baths which, however, certainly do not allow an optimal quality of life during long and obligatory stays .

In short, in this “phase 2 bis”, as it has been renamed, not only is all of Italy slowly returning to stroll on the street – obviously strictly in mask -, but all the commercial activities that economically drive our families forward are also resuming and the whole country.

Here in Campania, bars and restaurants were the last to raise the shutter but, in the meantime, hairdressers, barbers and beauty centers have started to make us beautiful again, waiting for the fitness centers and gyms to reopen their doors and form; because, you know, during the lockdown what you really didn’t skimp on was good food!

Bathing establishments, retail trade, markets, fairs and services for children have also been included in the new anti-contagion regulation based on PPE and social distancing and parks, villas and museums are now available again, ready to give us relaxation, culture and some glimpse of nature; in short, slowly and with due precautions, Italy is regaining its spaces and habits after the hardest period ever experienced after the post-war period, and certainly with some more awareness.

What awaits us in June?

The mind is already racing to what is coming: the next important dates established by the government, in fact, are those of 3 and 15 June.

In the first step, the movement between regions will resume and even the borders with all those European countries will reopen where, obviously, quarantine measures incompatible with this regulation will not be in place; in the second, finally, children will be able to start participating in summer centers for children and access to theaters and cinemas should be allowed to let us enjoy, always taking the right precautions, all the shows that Coronavirus has deprived us of. Also many flights are expected to depart on this occasion.

Meanwhile, here at Gambrinus, just today, we served our first coffee after a long time: old and new emotions mixed and crowded in our minds, readily shared – simply with a glance – with our first guests. We couldn’t wait to be part of this reopening which, for us as for all of you, is the symbol of a new beginning!