10 Dec 2018

Journey in the subsoil of Naples

There is nothing more beautiful than being tourists in your city. Oh yes, Naples offers always different ideas, a city that can be observed from the most disparate angles.

It is certainly one of the few urban realities in the world that you can visit not only on the surface, with its majestic abbeys, museums, historic buildings, castles and breathtaking views, but it is also the city that can be admired in the underground.

The Neapolitan underground in fact hides treasures and beauties truly indescribable, a hidden Naples that can be unveiled only to those who want to make guided tours out of the ordinary.

Those who took part in visits to the Neapolitan subsoil could admire something truly magnificent.

Naples underground

The tour to discover the underground Naples, involves the exploration of a dense and complex network of tunnels and cavities. This type of destination is very popular both by tourists but also by the Neapolitans themselves who do not miss this visit because they want to discover always new places in their city.

The underground city that stretches under the entire historic center, and hides places where myths and legends are still very present in the collective imagination of Neapolitans.

The galleries below Naples have been used in different ways over the centuries. Born after the extraction of tuff for the construction of the city, they host the old aqueducts, such as that of the Bolla, of Greek origin, the Augusteo aqueduct, Roman and the aqueduct of the Carmignano of 1600.

The Neapolitan subsoil to be discovered encompasses more than 2400 years of history, a story that is worth knowing to understand even more the city.

A deserved break

One last tip after the visit, go up to the surface and reach the Gran Caffè Gambrinus, a stone’s throw from the renowned Piazza del Plebiscito.

Stop and get ready to savor the excellent Neapolitan coffee, this also ensures you a unique experience, after so much discover a break of taste there is all.