20 Mar 2017

Kinder coffee, when the coffee marries the famous chocolate

Article written by Michele Sergio


I warn you every time we talk about Kinder coffee. My adolescence that returns with milk chocolate, bars, baby (in German, precisely, kinder) good and beautiful that bites him …

At the end of the nineties of the last century in the Neapolitan bars the special coffee spreads or the variations on the theme of the most classic “made in Naples” drink: the hazelnut coffee, the grandfather’s coffee, the Rocher coffee, the Kinder coffee, just to mention the best known. I remember queues of people outside the premises of Piazza Trieste and Trento to access them and taste these delicious novelties.

At that time I did not like coffee. The first coffee I tried was just a Kinder coffee because it was sweeter than espresso, because it was similar to a semi-cold, because it brought me back to my childhood. Like me, unlike the purists of the espresso, many have started from a special to arrive at the classic “tazzulellae cafè “. Like me in many from the Kinder coffee, perhaps my favorite.


Spread on the inside edges of the glass on one side the white chocolate and on the other the hazelnut cream; pour the coffee cream (a sort of cold mousse prepared with cream, coffee and sugar), whipped cream and chocolate.


  • Coffee: prepared with mocha; cool down; sweeten;
  • White chocolate and hazelnut cream;
  • Coffee cream: 200 ml of cream pastry, 2 cup of bitter coffee and 2 tablespoons of icing sugar (about 30 gr;
  • Whipped cream: 200 ml of whipped cream and 100 gr of white sugar;
  • Chocolate
    If you want to prepare this delicious coffee at home, watch our video tutorial.