Sfogliatella curly puff or softness? Everyone has their preference for this sweet dilemma, yet many can hardly take a clear stance. There are those who love the crunchy aspect of the puff pastry, those who prefer the softness of the pastry, those who love to eat hot on the road, those who can not do without Sunday after the Neapolitan lunch, in short, everyone has the his idea, but there is a large slice of greedy indecisive that just can not choose which one to eat.

For this particular category there is a solution, a novelty signed Gran Caffè Gambrinus that puts everyone in agreement. In fact, the Gambrinus confectionery has decided to make a really special dessert, a splendid fusion of the two traditional Neapolitan sfogliatelle. The right compromise to savor the best of these two desserts by making a single choice.

The right mix

The cake in question is in fact made with the dough of curly puff pastry and with the filling of pastry. The best of the processing of two desserts that have inevitably made and continue to make the history of pastry. In addition to a new taste, everything to try that always refers to tradition, but in a modern key, to be irresistible is also the presentation.

In fact, it is made in a conical shape, decorated with icing sugar, presented as a saucer because surrounded by cream and small black cherries, a perfect dessert to be savored perhaps sitting comfortably at the historic tables of Caffè Gambrinus.

Of this dessert there are at least two versions, one in fact characterized by chantilly cream and the other with custard.

So you just have to try it because resist it would be a sheer madness.