06 May 2018

Naples veiled: in raft under Piazza Plebiscito

Naples is a city of beauty that we could define unveiled but sometimes even veiled. Our city, is famous all over the world for its monuments, castles, historic buildings, for breathtaking landscapes told through portraits, photos, poems that have been circulating for some time. However, there is a face of the city that perhaps not many know, a Naples just veiled, whose beauties are in places very hidden, or underground.

Oh yes, you read that right, one of the many peculiarities of our city is that of being able to be visited not only on the surface in the sunlight, but you can also appreciate the darkest part, through the underground passages, those that take us to places hidden, to discover a past history that never sees the light of day.

For those who want to try, then to discover a Naples seen from another point of view, an experience not to be missed is certainly a raft tour in the Neapolitan underground, near Piazza Plebiscito inside the famous Galleria Borbonica where one tells important split in the history of our city.

Curiosity about the tour …..

This very special tour will allow you to know a cistern built in the late 1400, reachable through a short tunnel in which they are visible, truly exceptional hydraulic work. Walking for about 20 meters, you get to the path that leads to the car room. After having covered this underground path you finally arrive at the embarkation of the raft that will sail throughout the Bourbon tunnel, arriving until the end, where you can admire the names and thoughts of the Neapolitans who descended into the shelter from Piazza Carolina during the Second World War .

A nice misunderstanding

One of the things we intend to tell is an historical misunderstanding that has come forward for some time. The visit of the Galleria Borbonica is another story from the visit of the famous underground Naples.

In fact, the two tours are not only territorially located in two different areas of the city but tell different historical periods. The first of which we have just told, in fact, is close to Piazza Plebiscito, the other instead located in the heart of the historic center. Therefore, attention to foreign and local tourists, even the subsoil as often happens on the surface can be full of deception and misunderstanding.