Ours is a magical city, a city that has always accustomed us to great records recognized all over the world in terms of tourism, landscape and monumental beauties, craftsmanship and above all catering, in short Naples boasts several excellences and a new one joins the list. According to the English magazine “The Gardian”, Naples has been listed among the 10 best European cities to visit for Christmas shopping, along with Lisbon, Lille, Ghent, Monaco, Copenhagen, Ledbury, Glasgow, Vienna and Amsterdam.

But let’s see more specifically, the curiosities present in this article and that celebrate our city and the reasons why it is worth visiting.

Decorations, lights and shopping

Among the reasons listed, certainly a special place occupy the streets decorated with lights and colors, enriched by the inviting scent of Neapolitan street food.

The city at this particular time of year acquires an even more suggestive image thanks to the characteristic lights of the artist that accompany the main shopping streets, the streets are enriched with local craft stalls present a little everywhere, especially in the area of ​​Vomero, but also those of via Toledo where certainly there are shops and where shopping becomes a real pleasure.

Among the not-to-be-missed shops, there is the one in via San Sebastiano where the daily advises the fine leather shop of the Scriptura family, and Finamore is also mentioned, the shop for handmade men’s shirts.

The charm of the nativity scene

Not only shopping, within the article is also emphasized the important tourist aspect of the city, and among the various stages to be visited is suggested the picturesque Certosa di San Martino where you can admire the historical cribs like the Cuciniello Nativity with 450 characters.

In terms of nativity scenes and Christmas, the place of honor as always, however, lies in the heart of the city, the historic center, which houses the most famous area in the world, where the cribs and shepherds are made entirely by hand, or San Gregorio Armeno, a place with added value, thanks also to the presence of musicians and street artists who transform the alleys into real open-air stages.

Relaxation break

After all this wandering around the city between tourism and Christmas shopping, the magazine does not miss some suggestions for pleasant stops. For the sweet tooth, it is recommended to try the chocolate presented in the very refined Gayodin shops, for pizza lovers, do not miss a stop by Gino Sorbillo and for a coffee break? Simple, the magazine invites the reader from us, at Gran Caffè Gambrinus where excellence is at home.