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How will be the reopening of the bars

Article written by Michele Sergio and published in Rome on April 26th We are all waiting to be able to return to the bar, to enjoy our beloved espresso, to live that daily act of social sharing than to drink a coffee offered. The bars, in fact, are the ideal place to...


Cafeteria, chocolate shop, confectionery and cocktail, ideal to give you a moment of pleasure at any time of the day.


The Gran Caffè Gambrinus is heir to the ancient Neapolitan coffee tradition. It is at least from 800 that in Naples coffee is more than just a drink.


The Gran Caffe Gambrinus was born as a café, but soon felt the need to set up its own pastry shops.


The Gran Caffè Gambrinus pastry laboratories specialize in the production of refined ice cream creations.


The most famous literary café in Naples. The meeting place of intellectuals, politicians and businessmen who left fragments of their greatness in their rooms.

The Sergio Family

At the beginning of the 70’s Michele Sergio starts the battle to recover the premises of the Caffè located in the heart of Naples.

The Cafè

The Gran Caffè Gambrinus has always been the Café frequented by Italian Presidents visiting Naples.

Artists and intellectuals

One of the most successful examples in Italy of European-inspired literary coffee, temple of the Neapolitan and international intellectual elite.


An international coffee in the center of Naples. Where history and art meet the good life.


All the news, curiosities and information on the world of the Gran Caffé Gambrinus

Kinder coffee, when the coffee marries the famous chocolate

Kinder coffee, when the coffee marries the famous chocolate

Article written by Michele Sergio Nostalgia I warn you every time we talk about Kinder coffee. My adolescence that returns with milk chocolate, bars, baby (in German, precisely, kinder) good and beautiful that bites him ... At the end of the nineties of the last...

The Art Noveau of Naples

The Art Noveau of Naples

Gran Caffè Gambrinus has gone through more than a century and a half, together with the Neapolitans, between foundation, evolution, customers from all walks of life and great artists, benevolence of the royal family, suspended coffee, Chantant coffee, closing during...

Zeppole of St. Joseph: origins and curiosities

Zeppole of St. Joseph: origins and curiosities

Prelibatezza for the eyes and for the palate, the zeppole of St. Joseph delights Neapolitan and Italian on the day when the celebrations of the saint and the Father's Day occur. But what are the origins of this unique and special dessert? History What is certainly...

When  via Toledo became via Roma

When via Toledo became via Roma

Gran Caffè Gambrinus is the meeting point, with its clubs, of at least four major streets and Neapolitan Squares: via Toledo, via Chiaia, Piazza Trieste and Trento and Piazza Plebiscito. By the way, via Toledo or via Roma? History Perhaps not everyone knows that, for...

A special breakfast for Valentine’s day

A special breakfast for Valentine’s day

Article written by Michele Sergio The Neapolitan people, considered one of the most romantic of all, is distinguished by a particular emphasis on Valentine's Day, the feast of all lovers and recognized for centuries as the day dedicated to love. Homage and testimony...

Giovanni Fummo and his 12 million coffees!

Gambrinus is a local born together with our country back in 1860 and since its foundation has distinguished itself in the city for beauty and cultural importance, becoming a key meeting point for celebrities of all sorts. Whether a monument of Naples is known all over...