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Chocolate Panettone


]The Panettone, a classic of the Italian confectionery tradition, a must in the kitchen during all the cold months of the year. Thanks to its long levitation it guarantees lightness, here in a delicious variant with chocolate icing and chocolate flakes for filling.

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]The Panettone, in Italy the sweet symbol of Christmas, is closely linked to the city of Milan and its confectionery tradition. Although according to some already existed in the ‘200 as bread enriched with yeast, honey and raisins, the best known story about its birth dates back to the end of the fifteenth century, when Ughetto, son of the condottiere Degli Atellani, wanted to conquer an attractive maiden daughter of a pastry chef named Toni, the beautiful Adalgisa. He then commissioned his father a strange cake, a bread with added eggs, sugar, cedar and candied orange. The delicacy obtained a success that went beyond the best expectations of our bold young man, and from there the tradition was born, for the Milanese nobility, to give it to Christmas.

One of the architects of the modern panettone was Paolo Biffi, who edited a huge cake for Pius IX to whom he sent him in a special carriage in 1847. Many historical figures were fond of the pant of ton: from Manzoni to Austrian prince Metternich. Finally the Panettone obtained the aspect with which we know it today by Angelo Motta in the first half of the 20th century. It was he who proposed in the dome and the dossier in baking paper.