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From the tradition of Neapolitan cuisine the oldest recipe of Easter savory pie. Always present on all the Neapolitan tables during the days of Easter the casatiello is a true explosion of taste, naturally leavened and stuffed with cheese, cold cuts and boiled eggs.



Tortano is a pillar of the Neapolitan Easter festivities. A timeless tradition, which has its roots already in the fifteenth century. The first mention of this rustic is found in the writings of Loyse de Rosa, a Neapolitan chronicler of the Angevin and Aragonese courts, who calls it Tiber bread in his chronicles dedicated to the city of Naples.

Tortano is a rustic donut that was born as a poor food, the traditional recipe included very few ingredients. It can be considered the ancestor of the equally famous casatiello. His dough was prepared only with flour, lard, pepper, eggs and cicoli, each of which has a symbolic meaning: the flour represents the king of food, being the base from which bread is also made. The eggs, typical of the Easter tradition, are the symbol of birth, they represent a parallel between Jesus coming out of the tomb with the chicks coming from the shells. Finally, the cicoli are small pieces of pork, an animal symbol of fertility and rebirth.

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