The aperitif without prosecco is a half aperitif. Eh si si prosecco, the simple wine with a thousand bubbles, is the undisputed protagonist of what we could define the “Italian celebrations”. Whether it’s a simple aperitif or celebrating an anniversary such as graduations, birthdays, anniversaries, prosecco can not really be missed on a special occasion.

Despite being the most famous wine of all time, not everyone knows its history and its origins, so we decided to tell you some really interesting trivia.

The origins
Let’s start immediately by saying that prosecco is a wine entirely “made in Italy”. Made in fact in Friuli Venezia Giulia starting from 1300 and later in Veneto.

Historically, the ancestor of this wine was ribolla, produced by the city of Trieste, a city that according to some sources starting from 1382, stands under the protection of Austria stipulating the Dedication Act. The city of Trieste for security consumption is committed to sending 100 amphorae of this particular wine annually to the Habsburg home.

The name prosecco is derived from the Castle of Prosecco, as it was produced in the period of 1500. This name was also given to distinguish this wine from other low quality, produced in the same areas. The production of this wine has started to spread also in other cities of northern Italy like wildfire.

Over the centuries, this wine is always a slice of popularity and a never lose consensus, despite the weather.

Pride made in Italy
So one of the merits of prosecco is definitely to be a wine that has challenged the centuries and conquered everyone’s palates. A true Made in Italy pride exported all over the world. It became extremely popular in the 90s of the twentieth century but this wine was given the DOC name only in 2009.

A curiosity about all? In 2014 prosecco was the best-selling wine, even surpassing champagne. Italy continues over time to hold the absolute record of the prosecco market.

There is nothing to say a true Italian entrepreneurial success.