05 Oct 2016


article by Michele Sergio

Increases the number of tourists who come to visit the beauties of the city of Naples. You see them walking through the main streets admiring the architectural beauties, photographing the “sponged cloths” in the alleys of the Quartieri Spagnoli, strolling hand in hand along the promenade, let yourself be enchanted by the romantic sunset on the gulf, visit our many museums carefully, but above all crowd restaurants and pizzerias, cafes and ice cream shops in search of our inimitable delicacies.

Neapolitan cuisine is perhaps the main reason for choosing Naples as a tourist destination.

In some cases, however, the tourist, for nostalgia or because he does not want to give up his habits, prefers, however, to taste products of his country. Many US tourists, for example, include a cheeseburger between a pizza and a plate of spaghetti with clams.

Even at Gambrinus, tourists with stars and stripes often ask for dishes from their country: having an international clientele we are ready to satisfy every kind of request, perhaps with some contamination of our kitchen.

In our local restaurant today there is the muffin (anglosaxon sweetness) rather than the club sandwich (typical American sandwich).

The milkshake is, then, the drink most requested by Uncle Sam’s children. From Naples to New York, there is a sort of cappuccino frappé with whipped cream. Is the tourist always satisfied? Here it is then our version: the CAPPUCCIOTTO !!!

The preparation is very simple: after spreading the hazelnut cream on the inside walls of the glass, pour a cup of cold cappuccino into it; then poured milk is poured (preferably skimmed or partially skimmed: it mounts much better) and is completed with the whipped cream. Decorations with chocolate and chopped peanuts complete the irresistible and exquisite Cappucciotto.