11 Mar 2018

The coffee? A great art work

Coffee is an art and this is known.But did you know that you can create works of art with coffee?

Oh yes, you read right, but we are not referring to the decorations that skillful bartender realize when we order coffee and which provide good mood, with subjects such as keys of violin, heart, flowers etc … we are talking instead of real works Have you ever been able to interpret the characters, landscapes to still life, to the representation of famous people, where the protagonist is undisputed is the coffee.

Coffee painting

The technique to which we refer is not known as coffee painting, a technique in which to portray a certain type of subject has not been taken tempera, watercolors etc … but coffee. This method is widely used around the world and those who use this technique are usually made of real masterpieces.

What is it to start a work at the café? This technique can be realized thanks to a simple home-made, in a simple way, in one case the tools are easy to use and find,

The coffee artists

In Italy we have Giulia Bernardelli who uses coffee as ink, the most famous subjects who have painted are Amy Winehouse and Marilyn Monroe, in Great Britain there is Maria A. Aristidou, an artist who started to paint with coffee, she tells herself later to have him accidentally on a sheet of paper, Red Hong Yi, a 28-year-old Malaysian artist who among his works boasts a tribute to Lucio Dalla, who has funded the fund of 5,000 cups of coffee.

In short, coffee thanks to these artists therefore assume a new identity to be discovered.