28 Mar 2018

The five rules for a perfect Neapolitan espresso.

Article by Michele Sergio published in Il Roma of 25 March 2018

Coffee in Naples, you know, is a serious matter and the Neapolitan one is unanimously recognized, for goodness and tradition, as the best. In the morning, above all, the aroma of coffee invades the streets, you can feel it everywhere. There is no Neapolitan house, after all, where the first post-awakening activity is not to prepare the “machine”, as there is no bar in Naples that, not even open, does not start serving the first coffee to the patrons Early risers. It is widely scientifically proven that ours. drink par excellence is not only unbeatable for taste, but it is also beneficial: drinking three coffees a day is good for the cardiovascular system. The artful execution of the Neapolitan espresso must respect five rules, the famous “5M” codified by the Neapolitan coffee makers.

Blend .. The one used in Neapolitan bars passes through the slow roasting of coffee beans and at high temperature; it is also composed of arabica and robust quality (in a lower percentage). Hence the typical strong and intense taste of the Neapolitan espresso and the characteristic superficial formation of a dense and creamy layer.

Machine. Unlike in other places in Italy, where the continuous dispensing machine is spread (automatic or semi-automatic), Neapolitan bartenders prefer the lever machine, more powerful (and the product benefits in quality) as well as fast, allowing you to prepare more coffee at the same time.

Grinder. Only with a properly adjusted grinder (the toasted beans should not be finely or coarsely ground), only with the “right milling point” will the coffee be made to art.

Hand that of the bartender. The experience gained over the years, the passion, the curiosity for the matter of the Neapolitan machinists have led to their recognition as the most capable and prepared.

Maintenance (and cleaning) of the machine and of every component and accessory.

Because the Neapolitan espresso is made and tasted the right way, the two rules must be added two secrets: the water of Naples, with important organoleptic qualities and the cup strictly boiling, so that the coffee preserves the extraction temperature and does not alter in the taste and aroma. It is always nice to catch the Neapolitan customer at the bar in the act of pronouncing the ritual statement after bringing the cup to his lips: comm ‘caz .. coce! Without the famous 3C, it will be only one espresso and not a true Neapolitan espresso. Good coffee to everyone.