23 Apr 2019

The Gambrinus and YouTube

The year was 2005, precisely on April 23, when for the first time the Gran Caffè Gambrinus landed on one of the most famous social media channels in the world or Youtube, posting what became the first, in a long series of videos.

From that moment on, the publications no longer stopped.

A channel to learn

The Gran Caffè Gambrinus Youtube channel is a concrete reality and presents itself as a “great container” of information, useful advice and above all curiosity that span topics of all kinds.

Inside you can find the recipes of the Neapolitan tradition of desserts that you love the most and that thanks to videos / tutorials you can faithfully reproduce directly from home.

Making an excellent pastiera, preparing an ad hoc coffee, will therefore no longer be a problem, because the videos on youtube will simplify those passages that for some can be considered as difficult procedures.

Thanks to this solution it is possible to steal the secrets of pastry chefs and prepare dishes in a workmanlike manner.

A channel for entertaining

But not only, thanks to the videos published on this channel, you can view, entertaining flash mobs, be informed about book presentations, and be updated also on the numerous initiatives of which the Gran Caffè Gambrinus promotes to enhance the city of Naples and its characters that represent it all over the world.

A click that makes the difference

The Gambrinus and youtube, therefore for more than 14 years have an important bond, destined to continue over time.

To be an integral part of this project, just subscribe to the Gran Caffè Gambrinus Youtube channel to stay informed and learn more about your city and the excellence of your territory.

Sometimes it just takes a click to make a difference. So if you haven’t done it yet, it’s the right time to sign up.