06 Apr 2019

The single-portion tortano of Gambrinus

The delicacies of Gambrinus never cease to amaze, and Easter is the perfect time to enjoy some great news. One of these concerns above all the rustic Campanian most representative of these Easter celebrations, the one that in short must not be missing on the tables of the Italians or the tortano.

Between the sacred and the profane

The tortano looks like a salted donut, baked in the oven, whose interior is composed of many succulent ingredients such as the presence of various types of sweet, spicy cheese, ham, cooked ham and diced salami, and finally hard-boiled eggs inserted into the dough that make this rustic really good.

The choice of these fatty ingredients, which make it unique, is not the result of a random choice.

The preparation of this dish in fact, few know it, which embodies a religious connotation. The realization of the Neapolitan tortano in fact, has the task of announcing the end of a Lent, which lasted forty long days, and its full-bodied consistency becomes the propitiatory symbol of abundance, of the feast and through this goodness is expressed the will to ward off fear of hunger. Once again in the kitchen, through some dishes we find religious symbolisms, mystical elements and rituals of every kind.

The goodness in single portion

But, let’s go back to the present day and to traditional tortano, which however never ceases to amaze and keep up with the times. The Gran Caffè Gambrinus while respecting the original recipe, has in fact conceived the finger food version of this traditional rustic, inventing the single portion tortano, perfect to be enjoyed at any time.

Thanks to its small size, the tortano can be eaten as needed, for those who want to enjoy it quickly at the bar tables, indulging in a gluttony but in a mini format, without too many feelings of guilt.