Errors are not always something wrong. In some cases and in some areas, as in the case of the kitchen, when you do not follow the established patterns, it may be the right time to create something really special and innovative.

Some recipes, especially in confectionery, were born thanks to real “culinary errors” that gave life to exquisite delicacies. Surely one of the most entertaining stories in pastry is the invention of the caprese cake.

Everyone knows the caprese cake, rich in almonds and cocoa, with a soft and tasty consistency, but perhaps few know how it was made.

History of an error

The paternity of this cake is to be attributed to an important chef of the 20s, Carmine Di Fiore, who created this cake by chance in his bakery workshop on the island of Capri.

The story wants that the cook, while he was intent on creating an almond-flavored cake, destined for a very demanding clientele, criminals who were on the island, out of haste or worry, forgot in the preparation of the dessert, of insert a fundamental ingredient or the flour.

What was meant to be a disaster especially for the fate of the poor chef, instead became a real blaze. In fact, the three criminals appreciated this cake so much that they wanted the recipe at all costs. From that moment onwards, the climb to the success of this dessert has become a cult of the much loved Neapolitan pastry and whose recipe is handed down over time.

Learn by making mistakes, or better yet we could say in this case wrong inventions!