31 Jul 2017

A coffee for the summer: coffee at the Bounty

Article by Michele Sergio Gambrinus

Summer in Naples is hot, sometimes torrid and sultry. It becomes difficult and tiring to wait for any kind of activity, whether it’s work or study or even ordinary household work. In many, even limit the meals: it is also difficult to eat in strong heat. No Neapolitan, however, renounces the pleasure of coffee, truly unmissable!

In many, however, they prefer to give themselves to the variations of the classic tazzulella ‘e cafè, from the cold coffee to the shaken coffee, from the coffee cream to the coffee granita, up to all the variations of the Neapolitan coffee ice cream.

And then, especially in the summer, the Neapolitan coffee makers are always looking for solutions and variations to meet the needs of taste and demands, Neapolitans and tourists. In the panorama of the many special coffees that Neapolitan coffee houses offer, the Bounty summer coffee stands out.

To make this coffee, proceed as follows: place the chocolate on the inside edges of the glass; then the cream of coffee is poured and the whipped cream is added; it is decorated with flakes of dark chocolate and coconut.

A certainly useful and tasty coffee to combat the Mediterranean summer heat.