10 May 2017

An original coffee: the heart of Naples

Article written by Michele Sergio

Also this year the artistic project “Heart of Naples” returns, realized as always with a lot of enthusiasm and passion by the students of the Academy of Fine Arts of Naples.

Il Cuore di Napoli is an anthropological and social work of art with a specific purpose: to try to involve as many people as possible to create a real social and relational network also and above all through the use of social media: anyone can (using the hastag #cuoredinapoli) share and become a part of this artistic project by posting images, videos and tweets.

Considering that the Gambrinus is a small art gallery – in which paintings by the most famous painters of the school of Posillipo have been exhibited for over a century – and often hosts art exhibitions by artists from Campania, we made a video in which are shown both the preparation of a giant cake with the heart of Naples logo (sponge cake ingredients, strawberries and chantilly cream) and theheart of Naples coffee.

The coffee recipe is the following: the red chocolate is spread on the inside edges of the glass, the coffee cream is poured, the whipped cream is added and the whole is decorated with a sprinkling of red cocoa and a biscuit with logo of the Heart of Naples.

If you think about it, this work of art has succeeded in reaching its goal: the involvement of many people. And the proof is in the video of Gambrinus (and also in this article). All these contributions are also involuntarily and unknowingly part of this truly original Neapolitan art work.