24 Dec 2017

Breakfast at Gambrinus: traditional and English breakfast

Breakfast, you know is the most important meal of the day and it is not my thing to skip. It gives us the right nutritional contribution but above all the right charge to face the labors of the day. Yet breakfast is not the same for everyone. If in the Mediterranean diet, our local breakfast is mainly sweet taste, made of coffee, croissants, croissants, cappuccino, milk, various jams etc … in the rest of the world breakfast is an appointment that we could define salty. Oh yes because one of the most famous breakfasts abroad is precisely the most commonly called English Breakfast, where the components are really tasty but very different from our tradition.

Scrambled eggs, with butter, beef eye, bacon, corn, toasted bread, beans, tomato sausages are just some of the dishes you can meet when you come across a full English breakfast that let’s face it. .

A breakfast not for everyone if you think that consumed alone gives to those who eat about 1200 calories.

But where does the story of this breakfast come from? Let’s find out together.

A historic breakfast …

The origin of this “bizarre breakfast” (of course for us Italians), began in 1800, when the English laborers had to load for the labors of the fields, they did this abundant and unique meal that had to suffice the whole day.

In the early 1900s this breakfast became less popular and this because of the two world wars. Poverty and the difficulty of finding these foods in these particular historical periods, made this way to have luxury breakfast for a few. After the wars and with the economic recovery, the abundance returned to the table so as not to leave us anymore.

A revisited English breakfast

The Gambrinus, is the right place where you can enjoy a respectable breakfast, which starts from the traditional one, consisting of an excellent coffee accompanied by hot sfogliatelle, or the countless sweets on display, orange juice, up to tasty rustic pizzas , to taste absolutely.In conclusion  breakfast at Gran Caffè Gambrinus, is revisited and proposed in a very tasty variant and certainly all to try.