12 Jul 2018

Coconut Coffee

Article written by Michele Sergio published on IL ROMA on 08 July 2018

Summer in Naples is hot, sometimes torrid and sultry. It becomes difficult and tiring to wait for any kind of activity, whether it’s work or study or even ordinary household work. In many, even limit the meals: it is also difficult to eat in strong heat. No Neapolitan, however, can deprive himself of the pleasure of coffee, truly indispensable!

In many, however, they prefer to give themselves to the variations of the classic tazzulella ‘e cafè, from the cold coffee to the shaken coffee, from the coffee cream to the coffee granita, up to all the variations of the Neapolitan coffee ice cream.

And then, especially in the summer, the Neapolitan coffee makers are always looking for solutions and variations to meet the needs of taste and demands, Neapolitans and tourists. In the panorama of the many special coffees (or more exactly Neapolitan gourmet coffee, as it is nowadays called by the experts of the food), today stands out the summer coconut coffee.

Lastly entered in the panorama of the Neapolitan coffee shop this coffee is proving notable success especially among the youngest (who love so to speak “sweeten” the taste of our coffee with another ingredient with a taste that is certainly sweeter) but also to those who like to experiment new solutions for the palate. The success is due not only to the successful combination between coffee and coconut, but also by its simplicity in making both the bar version and the home version and can be a nice after-dinner that a perfect hostess can offer its guests.

The ingredients are obviously coffee and whipped cream with a coconut flavor. The coffee can be made easily with the moka (or, alternatively, with the machine of capsules or wafers) while to make the coconut cream the procedure is very simple: pour into a cruet 180 ml of liquid cream, 30 gr of sugar icing and 90 ml of coconut milk (yes, just the nectar contained within the fruit). Blend everything with an electric mixer for about 3-4 minutes until the preparation is soft and creamy; finally put the coconut whipped cream in a few bags.

At this point we are ready to assemble our coffee: pour into a cup of cocktail glass 30 cl of sweetened coffee (ie the amount corresponding to a cup) and then, using the bag a few, pour the cream. Decorate our coffee with coconut flakes (which can be made simply by scratching a slice of coconut on a cheese grater). A coffee to be enjoyed in company, a sort of dessert to close a summer dinner.

A certainly useful and tasty coffee to combat the Mediterranean summer heat.