14 Nov 2018


Why eat the babà  in the classic way, when it is possible to enjoy it by the glass? Probably, this was the question posed by the first pastry chefs who wanted to give a new face to the baba, creating a new presentation.

In fact, the babà , a typical dessert of the Neapolitan tradition, has recently changed its identity. In fact, besides being served in the classic cabaret of Sunday pastries, it can also be eaten in the “by the glass” version.

A sweet advantage

The version of the babà  by the glass becomes the simple and perfect solution to consume this dessert on the road. Just as you do with the classic sea and land cuoppo, or the “wallet pizza”, even the legendary babà , wins a place of honor in the ranking of food that is part of Neapolitan street food. This new way of interpreting the babà , allows a greedy advantage. It is in fact possible to taste this cake without making any kind of stop, strolling through the alleys of the city and letting yourself be conquered, from the view of the panorama offered by our city and the taste thanks to this dessert.

Tradition and not only

To adapt to this new trend there is not only the traditional babà . In fact, the various confectioneries in the city offer, in the version by the glass, different variations of this dessert. There are those who make it with strawberry filling, those with pistachio cream, hazelnut cream and cocoa, in other words, so on and so forth.

The Gambrinus proposal

Even in the patisserie laboratories of the Gran Caffè Gambrinus, there are the different variations in the glass of this dessert. The cutting edge par excellence? Surely the version by the glass of babà  tiramisu, a pleasant meeting between the excellence of cocoa coffee that obviously mix with the ancient recipe of babà . A sin of throat that is worth giving at least once in a while.