27 Sep 2019

A baba Vesuvius

by Simona Vitagliano

150 very tasty and sweet single portions called to represent two eternal symbols of the city of Naples: it is the Babu Vesuvius, prepared in the Gran Caffè Gambrinus laboratory on commission of a client … very demanding!

The Gran Caffè of Records

Of course, it is not the only “maxi” preparation in which the staff of the Gambrinus found themselves trying: in fact, this spring, in fact, the Gran Caffè has made available to the Neapolitans, tourists and passers-by the largest pasta in the world, a sweet with a diameter of more than 2 meters, weighing over 300 kilos and with a commercial value of about 7 thousand euros which has officially returned to the Guinness Book of Records. A real work of art that required, for cooking, a special mold and a particular oven, made available by a bakery, which delighted many “occasional tasters” who let themselves be captured by cameras and cameras, even releasing funny interviews with newspapers; on that occasion, as always, the leading figures of the Neapolitan culture did not miss the ritual taste!

A “special” order

The Baba Vesuvius, on the other hand, was specifically requested by a customer of the Gran Caffè who placed all his trust in our staff to make a good impression at an important event.

A huge stack of small babas was delicately placed on a tray, combining the single cakes with tufts of cream, sugar and cream, surmounting the whole with two larger elements, always strictly in babà  paste, symbolizing the mouth of the volcano. of the nearby Monte Somma. An idea, as reported by the same staff (the Director of Gambrinus, Gennaro Ponziani, the pastry chef Stefano Avellano and Massimiliano Rosati) – who did not fail to immortalize himself together with the work in a photo shoot that became viral on social media – created for first time by Dr. Amilcare Troiano, former president, not even saying, of the Vesuvius National Park.

Have we enticed you?

To the next “maxi” creation!