08 May 2020

A great virtual party for the 160 years of the Gambrinus

by Simona Vitagliano

Exactly 160 years have passed since that May 12, 1860 in which the entrepreneur Vincenzo Apuzzo opened the doors of the Gambrinus premises for the first time (name that came only later thanks to the architect Antonio Curri) in the heart of the historic center of Naples, in those which had been the halls of the Palazzo della Foresteria in the Bourbon house in Piazza Plebiscito.

Over a century and a half of coffee served at the tables outside and inside the rooms of the restaurant which have hosted the greatest names of Neapolitan and international culture and art, from Gabriele D’Annunzio to Oscar Wilde passing through Matilde Serao and President Mattarella . But today there are places reserved also for modern talents: the writer Maurizio De Giovanni, in fact, has his own little corner, just as Commissioner Ricciardi – who came out of his pen – has his table.

Gambrinus has always been much more than a simple Gran Caffè: it is an art gallery, a meeting place for enlightened minds, a theater of good music, orchestras and trendy singers, an inspiring muse of passionate melodies and a triumph of architecture in Liberty style, as well as a witness of all the eras that the city has lived from the late nineteenth century onwards with prized silks and heady scent notes; it has always been the drawing room of Naples well but it is frequented by all walks of society that have now erected its rooms as an eternal symbol of the Neapolitan metropolis; even in the digital age par excellence, evolving with it.

A great party online

It was precisely the attitude to renew itself, preserving everything that comes from the past, to make Gran Caffè Gambrinus the icon of Naples in the world it is today.

And it is thanks to all this that, even in times of emergency Coronavirus, it will be possible to celebrate this important birthday, as always with all the lovers and admirers of this special place: Antonio and Arturo Sergio and Massimiliano Rosati, in fact, have organized a great online party, topped with many video messages from old friends ready to share this anniversary and dream of the next return to the Neapolitan Belle Époque temple.

“We are closed, we are waiting for better times and conditions that will allow us to be able to work – said Antonio Sergio to Fanpage’s microphones – on 12 May marks the anniversary of Gambrinus, we are 160 years old. We have overcome wars, earthquakes, plagues: we will also be able to defeat the Coronavirus. ”

With this message full of hope and positivity, therefore, we are waiting for you on our social channels to dedicate and dedicate the surprise we have prepared for this 2020 birthday: a greeting video that will contain the speeches of many Gambrinus visitors, including writers, entrepreneurs, journalists , sportsmen and politicians always linked to the identity of our Gran Caffè.