25 Aug 2017

Boom of tourists in Naples for Summer 2017

by Simona Vitagliano

The city of Naples has not always lived with maximum splendor in terms of reputation, both globally and in Europe, due to an infinite series of factors, starting from the waste emergency of some time ago and ending up at the fertile ground that has found racism of someone who has preferred to praise our North and tarnish the South.
Fortunately, this “no” moment has been over for some time and Naples is recovering from many points of view.

We saw this just mid-August, when, in the city, finding a place in a hotel was a difficult task, in the streets you could see swarms of tourists armed with street maps and Il Mattino dedicated a long video service, which appeared on social media, in which were shown interviews with enthusiastic tourists and the Councilor for Tourism, Nello Daniele.

The boom was so obvious that it was not only the endless rows outside the main cultural and entertaining attractions that became its image, but also the literal “flood” of tourists, Italians and foreigners, who found themselves walking in secondary streets, sipping our “tazzulella ‘and café” in bars throughout the city (episodes that we could also witness, directly, at Gambrinus), eating our gourmet or traditional pizzas in restaurants and pizzerias throughout the city.

A happy follow-up, then of this Easter and Easter Monday that had sold out, with official numbers that promise to be, once again, a record.

However, according to data from the 2017 Tourism Report by UniCredit and Turing Club Italia, tourism in Campania has increased by 1.6% in the last five years: our region ranks first in number of visits among those of southern Italy and Naples is the preferred destination by 64% of those who choose it.

“Practically the situation of hit-and-run that happened up until a few years ago was reversed, now we start from Naples and then we go to visit the Coast, Pompeii, Capri and other regional beauties, not vice versa”, commented the Councilor Daniel.

In short, a rich summer, and not just of events, this one that is ending for Naples and for the whole Campania, which marks an extremely positive moment for our territory, which tends to improve more and more, with the passing of the seasons.