01 Apr 2018

Breakfast in the world: here are all the trivia!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and this is a fact. All nutritionists, dieticians, support the importance of this appointment that we must never miss.

It must be said however that they are not all the same, there are breakfasts and breakfasts. Oh yes, we could summarize the question by saying that depending on the country in which we find it is possible to have a different breakfast.

So let’s see together some custom in the world starting right from our country up to tell some morning habits of other places.

Breakfast made in Italy

In Italy we are used to a certain type of breakfast that we could enclose in the sweet word. Coffee, yogurt, biscuits, juices of all kinds, cappuccino, milk and corn flakes, spread jams on slices of bread, croissants and brioches, in short, the breakfast made in Italy is very varied, each one chooses his own, according to taste and its own diet, but even if it varies from person to person, has one common denominator: sweetness.

If we move away from our Belpaese things change and even a lot. Breakfast becomes an appointment completely different from the Italian one, sometimes consumed in a fleeting way before going out. In many areas of the world it is indeed a moment in which you put yourself in the kitchen and make surprising dishes.

International breakfasts

In Spain, for example, there is both sweet and salty breakfast, the latter consists of eating pan y tomate or bread seasoned with fresh tomato pulp and an addition of oil. Even in Britain there is this double choice: to the traditional English tea accompanied by biscuits, consumed not only in the morning but also in the afternoon, it goes to the consumption of fried eggs with bacon and sausage, a custom that also refers to breakfast that is done in the United States, where everything is accompanied by American coffee and orange juice.

In Eastern European countries like Germany and Poland, on the other hand, the typical breakfast is mostly salty and involves the consumption of cheese, ham, bacon and sausage, accompanied by bread that is carefully roasted and on which the butter is spread. while for the drinks that accompany the meal there is a greater assonance with ours, in fact coffee, tea and fruit juices are consumed; in Russia to be very popular are the sirniki, or a sort of fried pancakes with ricotta mixed with eggs and flour and adorned with fresh berries.

If instead we move to Eastern countries, the culinary quirks are not lacking, in Japan for example in the morning we eat miso soup, white rice, marinated seaweed and raw fish, in China instead we prefer light and savory dishes, cooked or cooked steamed or boiled, to accompany Chinese tea.

And yet, in Pakistan we eat the stew, in Israel onion cloves, garlic, tomatoes, in South America we go from raw fish consumption, to meat, to various broths, in short, the world offers us a thousand ways to conceive breakfast, and tell them all would be almost impossible, perhaps almost like trying them out, yet all of them interesting that tell so much about the territory in which they are consumed.

And you after reading this article which one do you prefer? So you just have to travel to choose!