05 Mar 2019

Fried carnival zeppoline

The Neapolitan Carnival offers several ideas in terms of sweets. in fact, the culinary proposals are not lacking, they are really valid and let’s say the truth can not always be considered “light proposals”.

In addition to the classic proposals that include chatter to dip in the black pudding, which can not fail to celebrate this period, in the Neapolitan culture we also find different desserts such as the migliaccio and the classic fried zeppoline with sugar.

All-round goodness

Not many people know that the zeppoline are a symbol of Carnival in the South and have the important task of kicking off this event.

Looking like a ring, these zepplets look like regular staples that can be found all year round in any confectioner’s shop window, but this is not the case. In fact, the appearance is often known can deceive.

The fried and sweetened carnival zeppolins are in fact different because in their traditional recipe should be added an important ingredient or the potatoes, and this to make the dough even softer than the classic ones.


Preparing this dessert is certainly not a complicated thing, just follow the traditional recipe to the letter and you can get a really excellent result.

First of all you have to cook the potatoes (500 g) for 40 minutes in a lot of water.

Once they are ready, they must be peeled and crushed. On a work surface, create the classic flour fountain (800 g) and insert 5 eggs, 4 tablespoons of sugar, 50 g of butter, 25 g of brewer’s yeast and the previously crushed potatoes and 5 tablespoons of limoncello. Knead everything until you have a dough. Form the dough with the small rings and let them rest in the heat for about two hours, important time for leavening. After the rings have grown, dip them in a pot of boiling oil and fry for 3-4 minutes. Once browned, place a plate full of sugar and sprinkle with it. And your carnival zeppolins are practically ready to eat both hot but you also want lukewarm.

So let’s celebrate this last day of Carnival by giving us some sins of throat, and Neapolitan zeppolines are a good way to do it at best.