15 Oct 2018

Gambrinus presents: Vesuvius

The Neapolitan confectionery never ceases to surprise us and this time presents us with a really special dessert with Gran Caffè Gambrinus, we are talking about sweet Vesuvio.

Never name was more identifying for a dessert. Oh yes because, this delicious delicacy has the shape of a trunk or better yet a cone that reminds us of that of our volcano, the symbol par excellence of the city of Naples, decorated with a tuft of whipped cream. A real tribute of pastry to the “good giant”.

Modernity and tradition

This cake whose birth is really recent,is composed of a mix of ingredients used to make sweets typical of the Neapolitan tradition. It is in fact made with a wrapping of classic puff pastry of the curly sfogliatella, and inside it is possible to recognize a stuffing of babà  and pastiera. In short, once again the modernity and innovation of Gambrinus’ high confectionery meet tradition and together create a truly special union. To be conquered by this delicacy are not only tourists visiting our city but the same Neapolitans who are now so passionate about this sweet to include it in the choices of pastries on Sunday.

An explosive cake!