05 Jul 2019

Naples and its surroundings: the most beautiful sunset aperitifs

by Simona Vitagliano
Naples offers truly breathtaking panoramic views, not only in many points of the city but also in many spots scattered along the coastal area.

With the summer now, which plunges us into prohibitive and torrid temperatures, it is easy to find an excuse to share an aperitif at sunset and in the open air with someone. But which are the most beautiful places to consider?

# 1. Borgo Santa Lucia

Borgo Santa Lucia is probably one of the most iconic of the entire Neapolitan city.

Located in the San Ferdinando district, it takes its name from the parish sanctuary of Santa Lucia a Mare (dating back to at least the 9th century) and attributes to its inhabitants even a dedicated name: they are, in fact, called “lucìani” and, at one time, were only families of fishermen.

The territory includes the marvelous Borgo Marinari, which flows on the isthmus that leads to the islet of Megaride with the imposing Caste dell’Ovo, and stretches along Via Partenope and Via Chiatamone: in practice, one walks and sits at the table in the presence of the sea.

An atmosphere steeped in Neapolitanism, history and tradition: it is here, on the other hand, that the famous festival of Nzegna was once held and that an aperitif with bubbles and lustful sunsets can be organized.

#2. Posillipo

We decidedly change the circumscription, advancing on the splendid Posillipo hill and losing ourselves in its suggestive views.

Being quite high above sea level, it offers many ideas for toasts and romantic walks, from the Virgilian Park – with its disarming view of the gulf and Nisida – to Marechiaro, passing also through the enchanting Riva Fiorita and Via Posillipo which, with the ice-cream parlors and small bars that rise on its perimeter allow you to sip an iced drink or a good milkshake in front of the fascinating and timeless Palazzo Donn’Anna.


# 3. Pozzuoli, Via Napoli

We move very slightly from Posillipo and arrive at the beginning of Pozzuoli (did you know? At one time the two places were one and the same!), Along Via Napoli with its promenade and the many places that rise on the opposite side of the road: d ‘ summer is full of boys, couples and families who meet and have fun on the basketball court, in the corner of the merry-go-rounds and take advantage of the endless food & drink proposals available.

# 4. Lakes

It is often forgotten, but the Neapolitan district is literally full of freshwater and brackish water, many of which are of volcanic origin, in the sense that they originated in ancient and extinct mouths of volcanoes.

Among these, it is impossible not to mention Lake Averno (Pozzuoli), also the protagonist of Virgil’s Aeneid, or Fusaro (Bacoli), in which the unique pearl which is the Casina Vanvitelliana is set; there are still Lake Lucrino, Lake Miseno, Lake Patria … in short, there is plenty of choice!

And where do you prefer to do your favorite cheers?