07 Jun 2019

Naples in the world: our online shop, ambassador of delicacies

by Simona Vitagliano

We know very well how difficult it is for a Neapolitan to leave his land or to let the stranger who lives so far from our reality taste the true flavors of the Neapolitan gastronomic culture.

For this reason, and for many other objectives of this type, the Gambrinus has decided to make available to its customers an online shop, able to get Neapolitan delicacies all over Italy … but not only.

The sections

Browsing through the categories in the Gambrinus e-commerce, in fact, you can see not only the typical gastronomic sweet proposals of the Campania capital – from the pastiera to the small pastry finishing with babà , migliaccio, sfogliatelle and caprese cake -, but also savory inspirations – like the tortano -, tasty coffee pods, collectible elegant porcelain and even a section dedicated to books: an idea, the latter, designed to give space to publications concerning the Gran Caffé Gambrinus, its history and famous people who they attended it.

But that is not all.

Through the portal it is even possible to send a breakfast at home, literally anywhere, taking advantage of wonderful packaging, designer tin boxes and breakfast sets made up of splendid cappuccino cups and decorative boxes containing pods for the electric coffee machine.

Moreover, always online, it is possible to buy the famous Nespresso coffee machine, the one advertised by the winking George Clooney in the spot that we see every night on TV and which is powered by capsules, which can be optioned between different flavors.

In short, thanks to the power of the internet, waking up with the aroma of Naples at home and feeling immersed in the flavors and colors of Naples and Gambrinus is possible everywhere!