11 Oct 2016

The black babà 

article by Michele Sergio

Every pastry chef knows that it is fatal, for a commercial activity, to make new and original desserts and often makes new and delicious ones.

Even me, in my small way, I try to propose new sweets. Not always, however, the ideation of a new recipe comes from a pastry shop. In most cases, in fact, the ideas of new sweets are born between the streets and alleys of Naples, inexhaustible source of inspiration: the colors, the smells, the energy that emanate, make it a forge always active of innovative ideas .

A few months ago I was in Piazza del Plebiscito and I happened to see a group of children making fun of their friend of games of clear Asian origin (probably Sinhalese). Suddenly I remembered the memories of childhood, when it happened to me to be laughed at by my friends for the rather dark color of mine, even Neapolitan, skin.

And here’s the idea! Of yarn at the Laboratory, I told the pastry chefs that considering that every Neapolitan dessert has its history and its meaning, it was necessary to make a cake against racism and what better Neapolitan dessert, the most classic, if not the babà ? Yes, but the black babà  !!!

A babà  completely soaked in chocolate which then gives a little touch of class: whipped cream to the taste of English soup and dark chocolate flakes to make the most recent symbol irresistible, but certainly not the last – unfortunately view the still current need to combat racial prejudice – the fight against racism.

I hope this small gesture can be an example for all those who want a better world.

Black Babà  Tutorial